Tuesday, July 13, 2010


"Love is vastly overrated as a source of happiness. The first part of love is wonderful. You are as high as a kite on dopamine. Later, when the brain chemistry fades, it can become a source of much misery. No one can hurt you like a person you love can hurt you. No one will ever hate you as much as someone who once loved you. The death or disappearance of a loved one is truly horrible. The suicide of a loved one is unbearable pain that never goes away. The search for love is a frantic, depressing, frustrating experience that can go on for years.

Love is like heroin. When you are high there is nothing better. When you are crashing it is horrible. When you can't find it you are desperate. Enjoy the good days of love because the bad days will surely come."

That's something I found posted among other comments on a story on CNN.com. I find it pretty interesting. :/