Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Holy fucking shit. We finally got Saddam Hussein. But for some reason, it doesn't seem real. I dunno why, but it just doesn't. I am glad we caught his ass, though. I can't wait to see how his trial turns out. It'll probably be one of the biggest trials since the ones at Nuremburg after World War II. Oh well. I hope they execute him. =)

Sunday, November 30, 2003

Yay! That's how I feel. I bought an XBox this past Friday. I also bought Ghost Recon: Island Thunder, Rainbow Six 3, and got Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix for free. The XBox itself came with Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Tetris Worlds or some shit for free. I got the XBox Live Starter Kit as well. I love the XBox so far. :) Voice chat is hilarious. At first, I thought that I could only hear voice and not transmit it when playing Ghost Recon. And then on Saturday, I realized it was because I wasn't pressing the button on the controller to transmit voice!

I also managed to pick up about nine more hours a week at work. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I'll be working from 11am-2pm, and then going back in at 6-10, which usually turns into closer to 10:30. They should just put something like "6-Close" on the schedule, because everyone who is scheduled until 10 is closing, and they all get done at different times. Oh well. The nine extra hours a week will give me hopefully a little over 400 bucks per paycheck. :D

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Man. I had my mock interview at school today. I had to dress up in my little monkey suit, aka shirt, tie, and slacks. I felt like a jackass. The interview went fairly well. I mainly listened and absorbed information, learning appropriate answers to interview questions and what may be asked in a real interview. The Career Advisor who interviewed me said that the school can usually start getting people real interviews within two to three weeks. Hopefully I will get an interview within that time period. I really want to leave Panera Bread, for a couple of reasons. First is pay, and second is that working at Panera was a temporary job anyways.

Lets see.. Nothing else really happened today. I dropped off some packages at Staples and the post office for my mom. I also think I decided that I want a digital camera. I think it'd be kinda fun to take pictures of random shit around town, and post them online.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Fuck people that can't drive. Fuck 'em all, I say. If you have a driver's license, and you have a car, but you do not have the ability to properly drive a car, you should be shot in the face. I'm coming home from work with my sister, since she rode in my car, and all is well until some fucking cockface bastard pulls onto the road in front of us, making me have to brake suddenly and quickly. The bitch-ass twat had no room to go! I honked my horn as I was braking, and I had to swerve around his car into the next lane because he was blocking my fucking way. I didn't see who was driving the car, but my sister said it was some middle age white guy. FUCK MIDDLE AGE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T DRIVE! FUCK YOU TO HELL! I hope he suffers some kind of accident that either:

A) Causes him a great deal of pain over a long period of time
B) Causes him to lose a limb or two or all
C) Causes him to become a paralyzed vegetable
D) Causes him to suffer a long, painful death

Any of those will do. People like that deserve to be tied to a chair, and have a fucking railroad spike driven into their crotch. Hammer it into his dick and out his goddamn ass. <^>(-__-)<^> to all you people who can't drive. May you suffer terrible misfortunes in your life, like having your balls or tits torn off! Yeah!

Other then that incident, my day was pretty good. I set up an appointment for my mock interview at my school, so that they can start helping me look for a job. Hooray! My friend Kevin called me today, too. It was good to hear from him again. He wanted to know if I'd be interested in helping him with some websites, and I said yes, since I went to college to learn web development and shit. It'd be a good opportunity to hang out with Kevin, and also to design some websites as samples of my work. ;-)

And Whally is boasting his damn gigabit again. -_- YOUR MOTHER, WHALRUS, YOUR MOTHER! Lol. :)

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Dear lord. People cannot fucking drive! I passed two accidents on my way to work today. One was on the opposite side of the road, but the other one was on my side of the road, in the same fucking lane I was in. Some dumbfuck rearended another dumbfuck in an SUV type vehicle. So of course, I had to get in the next lane over, and go around the dumbfuck accident. I ended up being late for work, by four minutes or so. Big deal, but still.

Work was a bit of a bitch. Since I'm pretty much the only person who ever does dishes in the evening, there's a gap of at least an hour or so when dishes just pile up. They pile up in the back, which isn't too bad sometimes. But today, man. A sink full of shit, another sink full of black trays, and two bus pans full of dishes. Plus a rack of mugs on the floor that needed to be washed again, since whoever did dishes earlier in the day didn't wash shit. Once I got that all caught up, I did the stuff that was in the dining room, which one of my coworkers brought to the back. I wasn't caught up on dishes until damn near 7pm. During the slow periods, I pretty much slacked off and talked with my friend Nolan. I also helped complete a couple food orders on the line.

Speaking of food orders... Someone ordered chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bread bowl. Okay, I went ahead and got the order ready, and had it on a tray and everything. I called the check number to let the person know their order was ready. Nothing happened. Nolan called the check number again, and once again, nothing happened. Nolan called the person again, and still nothing! FINALLY, after about twenty to twenty-five minutes, some woman got up from her table with her friends, came up to the counter and got the soup, and sat back down. I was thinking "you stupid fucking shit, we called you three times already!" Me and Nolan got a good laugh about it, as we do most things.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I was surfing the web, and I came across what I think is a good Photoshop design/tutorial site. Check it out at Impact Design. They've also got some forums, which I have yet to take a serious look at. But, from the bits I looked at, it seems like an active community.

Today, I learned that I don't owe my school any money! Student loans and shit took care of the balance of my tuition, so I only have to worry about repaying those loans. That means I'll be able to use some of my savings account to hopefully put towards a new car, preferably a pickup truck. :)

Lets see... Nothing else really happened today. My next door neighbor was getting some limbs removed, and the tree company needed to get into our driveway so they could reach the limbs, which were on one of our trees. So, we all parked on the street to let the truck in the driveway. They brought one of those big ass shredder things, and made a huge fucking mess in the driveway. At least they cleaned it up. :) Then we had some Mexican people with the power company come by and chop some tree limbs off that were hanging over a power wire. I hate having above ground power lines. Everytime someone fucking farts too hard, the power is out. It sucks.

I also went to Wal-Mart today, and bought Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on DVD. They actually had it in full-screen format! I was kind of surprised, since a lot of movies I like on DVD are widescreen format, which I really hate also. Other than that.. my day was boring. :(

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Well holy shit. I finally have a blog. Yay for me, I guess. (\(-__-)/)