Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Dear lord. People cannot fucking drive! I passed two accidents on my way to work today. One was on the opposite side of the road, but the other one was on my side of the road, in the same fucking lane I was in. Some dumbfuck rearended another dumbfuck in an SUV type vehicle. So of course, I had to get in the next lane over, and go around the dumbfuck accident. I ended up being late for work, by four minutes or so. Big deal, but still.

Work was a bit of a bitch. Since I'm pretty much the only person who ever does dishes in the evening, there's a gap of at least an hour or so when dishes just pile up. They pile up in the back, which isn't too bad sometimes. But today, man. A sink full of shit, another sink full of black trays, and two bus pans full of dishes. Plus a rack of mugs on the floor that needed to be washed again, since whoever did dishes earlier in the day didn't wash shit. Once I got that all caught up, I did the stuff that was in the dining room, which one of my coworkers brought to the back. I wasn't caught up on dishes until damn near 7pm. During the slow periods, I pretty much slacked off and talked with my friend Nolan. I also helped complete a couple food orders on the line.

Speaking of food orders... Someone ordered chicken noodle soup in a sourdough bread bowl. Okay, I went ahead and got the order ready, and had it on a tray and everything. I called the check number to let the person know their order was ready. Nothing happened. Nolan called the check number again, and once again, nothing happened. Nolan called the person again, and still nothing! FINALLY, after about twenty to twenty-five minutes, some woman got up from her table with her friends, came up to the counter and got the soup, and sat back down. I was thinking "you stupid fucking shit, we called you three times already!" Me and Nolan got a good laugh about it, as we do most things.

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