Tuesday, November 18, 2003

I was surfing the web, and I came across what I think is a good Photoshop design/tutorial site. Check it out at Impact Design. They've also got some forums, which I have yet to take a serious look at. But, from the bits I looked at, it seems like an active community.

Today, I learned that I don't owe my school any money! Student loans and shit took care of the balance of my tuition, so I only have to worry about repaying those loans. That means I'll be able to use some of my savings account to hopefully put towards a new car, preferably a pickup truck. :)

Lets see... Nothing else really happened today. My next door neighbor was getting some limbs removed, and the tree company needed to get into our driveway so they could reach the limbs, which were on one of our trees. So, we all parked on the street to let the truck in the driveway. They brought one of those big ass shredder things, and made a huge fucking mess in the driveway. At least they cleaned it up. :) Then we had some Mexican people with the power company come by and chop some tree limbs off that were hanging over a power wire. I hate having above ground power lines. Everytime someone fucking farts too hard, the power is out. It sucks.

I also went to Wal-Mart today, and bought Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines on DVD. They actually had it in full-screen format! I was kind of surprised, since a lot of movies I like on DVD are widescreen format, which I really hate also. Other than that.. my day was boring. :(

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