Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Man. I had my mock interview at school today. I had to dress up in my little monkey suit, aka shirt, tie, and slacks. I felt like a jackass. The interview went fairly well. I mainly listened and absorbed information, learning appropriate answers to interview questions and what may be asked in a real interview. The Career Advisor who interviewed me said that the school can usually start getting people real interviews within two to three weeks. Hopefully I will get an interview within that time period. I really want to leave Panera Bread, for a couple of reasons. First is pay, and second is that working at Panera was a temporary job anyways.

Lets see.. Nothing else really happened today. I dropped off some packages at Staples and the post office for my mom. I also think I decided that I want a digital camera. I think it'd be kinda fun to take pictures of random shit around town, and post them online.

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