Friday, November 21, 2003

Fuck people that can't drive. Fuck 'em all, I say. If you have a driver's license, and you have a car, but you do not have the ability to properly drive a car, you should be shot in the face. I'm coming home from work with my sister, since she rode in my car, and all is well until some fucking cockface bastard pulls onto the road in front of us, making me have to brake suddenly and quickly. The bitch-ass twat had no room to go! I honked my horn as I was braking, and I had to swerve around his car into the next lane because he was blocking my fucking way. I didn't see who was driving the car, but my sister said it was some middle age white guy. FUCK MIDDLE AGE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T DRIVE! FUCK YOU TO HELL! I hope he suffers some kind of accident that either:

A) Causes him a great deal of pain over a long period of time
B) Causes him to lose a limb or two or all
C) Causes him to become a paralyzed vegetable
D) Causes him to suffer a long, painful death

Any of those will do. People like that deserve to be tied to a chair, and have a fucking railroad spike driven into their crotch. Hammer it into his dick and out his goddamn ass. <^>(-__-)<^> to all you people who can't drive. May you suffer terrible misfortunes in your life, like having your balls or tits torn off! Yeah!

Other then that incident, my day was pretty good. I set up an appointment for my mock interview at my school, so that they can start helping me look for a job. Hooray! My friend Kevin called me today, too. It was good to hear from him again. He wanted to know if I'd be interested in helping him with some websites, and I said yes, since I went to college to learn web development and shit. It'd be a good opportunity to hang out with Kevin, and also to design some websites as samples of my work. ;-)

And Whally is boasting his damn gigabit again. -_- YOUR MOTHER, WHALRUS, YOUR MOTHER! Lol. :)

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