Thursday, April 22, 2004

Hmm. Not too much to post right now. There was a hot ass blonde girl that came into work tonight. She was like, daaaamn.

I just now finished installing Mozilla Firefox, and I must say, it is a rather nice browser. I like how it blocks pop-ups on a default installation.

I heard Michael Jackson was formally indicted. Jesus Christ, can't we just be done with this guy? Lock him away somewhere and let that be that. I mean, nobody fucking cares about Michael Jackson anymore. If he had just stayed a black man, and not turned into a white woman, he'd have been okay. :-)

And in other news I've heard recently, people are attacking John Kerry's credibility as a "war hero" in the Vietnam War. I don't care if he's a war hero or not, he'll be better for us than Bush is. I'm voting for Kerry when the time comes. Hell, I'd vote for a fucking chimpanzee if it meant getting Bush out of office. ... Fuck, wait a minute. We already have a chimp in the White House. Isn't it amazing how much Bush looks like a monkey? Now if only we could smack him with a banana and make him go away... All I know is, if Bush is re-elected, or should I say, steals the White House again, then we're going to be in so much more trouble than we are now. Most people don't like the United States anymore. Because of Bush's stupid fucking war, our troops are dying damn near every day. Its such bullshit. I'll be glad when we can get out of Iraq, but that'll probably be a long ways off. Sigh.

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