Thursday, May 06, 2004

Schweet. I added a new graphic over on the right to my blog. If you're against Bush, check out the site I got the graphic from, The Pledge '04.

Work tomorrow is going to be interesting to say the least. One of our managers left for a couple months this week, so we're getting some replacement guy named Bill. He better be an alright manager, and not Bill the Bitch. -_-

And holy fuck, tonight was hilarious. After work, me and two of my friends were in the parking lot goofing around. There is an abandoned car in the parking lot that has been sitting there for damn near a fucking year. There's old violation notices on it, and the inside of it is filled with trash. The damn car has been beaten, shot with a pellet gun, kicked, spit on, rained in, snowed in, had trash thrown in it, and all kinds of stuff. Surprisingly, it hasn't been towed away yet. I'm not sure why, but anyways. I pointed out that it looked like someone hit the trunk of it with a baseball bat, and my friend comes running over and kicks the car, putting a dent in the door panel. My other friend then threw his drink into the car through the back window. Since there was a shopping cart out there nearby, I suggested that my friend shove the cart into the car. He slammed it against the rear bumper, but it didn't do anything. Then he ran about 30 feet across the parking lot with the shopping cart and let it SLAM into the side of the car. A beer bottle that was in the cart went flying up and landed about 20 feet away. We fucking cracked up so bad. My friend rammed the cart into the car again, and we laughed again. I got the bright idea of putting the shopping cart on top of the car, so my two friends ran over there and lifted the cart onto the car. It didn't stay up there though, and it crashed onto the ground. I'm disappointed it didn't, but oh well. Afterwards we all ran off to get away from the "scene", if you will. One friend ran back into work, I got in my truck and drove off, as did my other friend. Hopefully we'll have some more stupidly good times soon.

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