Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Well, I bought Fable yesterday, and started playing it today. So far, I think its pretty damn good. The graphics are great, the voice acting is decent, along with the rest of the sound. Combat is actually pretty fun. It is basically a hack and slash, but that doesn't really matter to me. Your character has no trouble taking on a group of enemies, mainly because he can swing a sword like nobody's business. The magic is pretty cool. It's fun to toast a bandit with a fireball, and then beat him with a sword. :)

Since you start out as a child, in your hometown, you can only do but so much. Anyways, the first thing I did when I was free to roam my little village, which is called Oakvale, I beat the holy fucking SHIT out of a chicken. It was hilarious. The character kicks the chicken like a soccer ball, and feathers go flying. Oddly enough, the chickens don't die, no matter how many times you kick them. It's also funny to hit a random little kid, and they say something like "Hey, what was that for!?" or something to that effect.

My biggest complaint so far is how fast the game goes by. I have only played for about an hour and thirty-nine minutes, and I am an adult already! Of course, I could have held it off and roamed around the Guild hall where you train, but.. oh well.

Oh! I also bought a copy of the Transformers Movie! Sure, its from 1986, but it's still a hell of a good movie. I found a used copy after digging through all of the used DVD shelves at GameStop. =D! I also got a copy of Call of Duty: United Offensive. I haven't played it too much, but it is pretty badass. Since I am on the talk of games, I installed the Tribes: Vengeance multiplayer demo today too. Holy hell, is that game fun! You're limited to four maps, but oh well. Using the Grappler is just sweet, since you can swing all over the place, provided the map has the appropriate terrain. I think I may buy the full version.

Hmm.. what else. I think that is about all I have to say for right now. So until next time, goodnight!

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